Please read the following information:

    Important Information:

    • If you are a new client, you must book your Assessment first below.
    • If you already have a Account on, please login before continuing.
    • If this is your first time, your account will be created when succesfully completing an order.
    • Password setup instructions will be sent to your email upon succesfully completing an order.
    • Packages are now valid for 100 days from purchase date. This is to allow for Holidays and Days off.


    1. Please book your Daycare Appointment below by first choosing a category,  and then selecting a 10 or 20 day Package, or a single day.
    2. You must select 1 or more daycare days at this time when choosing a package.
    3. Choose your first date on the Calendar. You can either add more dates, or continue to payment.
    4. To add more dates, select your date, click the Add Appointment button and continue adding more dates.
    5. When you are ready to continue to payment, press Continue.
    6. Once your order is complete, you will receive an email with a link to set your password for your account, along with payment confirmation/payment instructions (if paying by E-Transfer), and a copy of your Bookings and Invoice.
    7. Orders paid by E-transfer are completed manually payment is received into our account. You will receive payment confirmation email at this time.
    8. For Packages, you can add, reschedule, your bookings from the My Account Page.


    *All appointments are subject to approval.
    *New Packages must be purchased from this page.
    *All Payments are due up front.
    *Purchased Packages and Daycare Days are Non-Refundable.
    *New Appointments can be Scheduled up to 48 hours before the appointment start time.
    *Scheduled Appointments can be only Re-Scheduled up to 48 hours before your appointment from your account page.
    *Schedueld Appointmnets can only be rescheduled – not cancelled.


    – Next month’s schedule becomes available on or around the 20th of each month.


    – We appreciate any and all feedback. Please use our Contact Form.

    ***FOR EMERGENCIES, please call us direct – Phone number / Call Button can be found at the bottom of our Contact Form.